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August 16th-19th 2019, Last Weekend Monterey CA hosted a number of car auctions and classic car events. Vehicles from all corners of the country and of the world as well. Gorgeous vehicles arrived to dazzled all car enthusiasts in attendance. The most exotic and lavish vehicles came across the bidding block for the largest classic car event of the year. Mecum Auctions and RM Sotheby's both among others hosted their event last week and as usual it was an experience to remember. If you have not attended this event you will want to put it on your list to attend.

Sales at the Monterey Car Auctions are finalized. On Saturday August 17, 2019 it was stated that sales were at a cumulative total of $245.5M while in 2018 they were at $370M with a difference of nearly $125.4M. Total sales in 2017 were $337M and in 2016 were $339.7M

Although it is clear that sales were not as prominent as the previous years, it is clear that real buyers recognize the unique cars are still willing to pay for them, and expand their collections allowing the classic car industry to remain steady.

News & Upcoming Events - Direct Express International car shipping

Mecum Auctions next upcoming event is scheduled for September 4th-7th 2019 and it will be hosted in Dallas TX with over 1000 vehicles expected to cross the bidding block during this 4 day event extravaganza. Do not miss your chance to own the vehicle of your dreams. Once you have made that long awaited and well deserved purchase we can take care of the rest and deoiver it to her new home overseas.

Barret Jackson's will be hosting their next collector car auction event at Las Vegas NV on October 3-5th 2019. Thousand of car lovers are expected to show and take part of this massive auto event. Each year Baret Jackson event gets better and better. Over the years, the auctions have grown into world-class automotive lifestyle events where thousands of the world's most sought-after, exceptional and unique cars cross the block in front of a worldwide crowd — in person and on live domestically and abroad TV.

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