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Pomona SwapMeet - You bought a car, now how do you get it home? Meet Direct Express!

Pomona SwapMeet - Need to Ship a Car? Meet Direct Express, Inc.

Direct Express Inc - on German TV show! car shipping to Germany


Car Shipping at its best!

Shipping any car, any condition, any location.

✓ Atlanta, GA
✓ Baltimore, MD
✓ Charleston, SC
✓ Charlotte, NC
✓ Chicago, IL
✓ Dallas, TX
✓ Denver, CO
✓ Detroit, MI

✓ Houston, TX
✓ Jacksonville, FL
✓ Los Angeles, CA
✓ Las Vegas, NV
✓ Miami, FL
✓ Mobile, AL
✓ Montreal, Canada
✓ Nashville, TN

✓ New Orleans, LA
✓ New York, NY
✓ Norfolk, VA
✓ Oakland, CA
✓ Oklahoma City, OK
✓ Orlando, FL
✓ Phoenix, AZ
✓ Salt Lake City, UT

✓ San Diego, CA
✓ San Francisco, CA
✓ Savannah, GA
✓ Seattle/Tacoma, WA
✓ Tampa, FL
✓ Toronto, Canada
✓ Vancouver, Canada
✓ And More!







Direct Express has been in business for over 30 years and is Located in the Greater Los Angeles Area with headquarters are located in Rancho Dominguez, CA. Direct Express is known for constantly innovating the automotive shipping industry.

Direct Express offers a variety of service from commercial cargo from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the World. Weather the customer is looking to transport cars, motorcycles, classic vehicles, high end collectible vehicles, boats, RV, motorhomes, trailers, campers, jet-skies, auto parts, household goods, personal effects, pallets, boxes, oversize cargo or even heavy machinery, Direct Express has all the experience and qualities require in today's market to deliver beyond our customer's expectations. Because of our relationships with carriers, Direct Express is able to offer services via ocean container or by Roll-on-Roll-off (RORO). In addition to our comprehensive ocean freight services, Direct Express provides the following services Ocean Export, Ocean Import, Air Export, Air Import and Customs Clearance.

Direct Express offers services from all major US cities and our warehouses are strategically located in: Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Miami FL, Jacksonville, FL and New York. We are also able to offer roro services for international auto shipping from other ports such as Tacoma WA, Port Hueneme, CA, Galveston TX, Jacksonville FL, Brunswick GA, Baltimore MD, New York NY.

Direct Express has a nationwide network that allows us to provide for inland transportation otherwise known as door services, for commercial cargo, personal effects, household goods, pallets, automobiles, cars, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes (RVs) and travel trailers, such services could be open or enclosed as per customer's needs. Because of our network and contacts our rates are very competitive in the market and our service is very personalize and professional.

Direct Express encourages our customers to contact us or email us at anytime for any questions or concerns that they might have. Quotes are available via online and our highly dedicated staff will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Commercial Cargo:

Direct Express has been known in the automotive industry and this is something that does not bring boundaries to Direct Express. Offering commercial cargo transport in containers, flat-racks, via Ro-Ro and Airfreight. For Further details, please visit our personal effects, moving link located at the left portion of our web site.

Household Goods & Personal Effects Moving:

Offering a variety of services, one of them being relocation or moving overseas. We have gathered the most professional staff in the industry and we are able to offer door to door services. If you are located in the greater Los Angeles Area, our staff is able to come to your location and offer you a free estimate for your next overseas move. We can offer full service to just picking up from your door step and shipping overseas.

It requires a lot of attention, dedication and commitment in order to ensure a safe and secure overseas move. It requires a lot of experience and proper materials in order to properly pack your household goods and personal belongings. Our staff is fully committed on delivering peace of mind to each of our customers as moving Overseas could be overwhelming. Let the professionals handle your next move as you will be extremely pleased with the services you will received from our dedicated staff. For Further details, please visit our personal effects, moving link located at the left portion of our web site.

International Car Shipping:

Direct Express offers transportation of vehicles, cars, autos, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes, RV's, travel trailers from anywhere in the USA and Canada to anywhere in the world.

Direct Express has many departments and one of them is domestic trucking which gives us the ability to provide very customize and personalize service to our customers. The transportation could be open or enclosed depending on what our customer is requesting. Once the vehicle reaches our secure warehouse, the vehicle will be properly checked in and inspected and prepare for overseas transportation. For Further details, please visit our personal effects, moving link located at the left portion of our web site.

Boats & Oversize:

Direct Express, also offers a very personalize and customized services for boats, motorhomes, RV's, travel trailers from the USA and CANADA. Our highly trained and professional staff will make the transportation of your dream toy very secure and safe. We understand what it takes to finally purchase a dream. It is a lifework and we have to ensure that we protect such dreams for our customers.

Depending on the shape and size of the boats, trailers, motorhomes, or RV's, we might be able to load them in containers. Some of them might be too large to fit in containers, but because of our variety of services, we are able to provide you with different options such as Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro-Ro) which typically requires a trailer, Lift-on-Lift-off (Lo-Lo) which typically requires a cradle. Even if you have a luxury Yacht our highly trained staff has the experience and know how in order to transport such PROJECTS. For Further details, please visit our personal effects, moving link located at the left portion of our web site.

Did you know Direct Express, Inc offers the following services?:

✓ Container Dray
✓ Container Loading
✓ Container Unloading
✓ Air Import
✓ Cargo Palletizing
✓ Cargo Crating
✓ Flat Racks
✓ Ocean Export
✓ DMV Title Assistance
✓ RORO Services
✓ Oversize Cargo
✓ 5th Wheelers

✓ Towing Transport
✓ Flat Bed Transport
✓ Open Car Carrier
✓ Enclosed Car Carrier
✓ AES Filing
✓ ISF Filing
✓ ATA Carnets
✓ Motorhomes
✓ Heavy Machinery
✓ RV's
✓ Marine Insurance

✓ Temporary Import Bonds (TIB)
✓ Full Containers
✓ Consolidated Containers
✓ Commercial Cargo
✓ Ocean Import
✓ Household Goods Moving
✓ Personal Effects Moving
✓ US Customs Validations
✓ Airstream Trailers
✓ Container Trans-Loading
✓ Special Events ROUTE 66