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Rv Shipping to France


Direct Express provides international RV shipping to most of the worldwide destinations such as Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

if you are considering to have your RV waiting for you at your destination rather than driving it there. Consider the following, Direct Express has all of the required experience in international shipping of RVs, motorhomes, coaches and fifth wheel trailers . Sometimes transporting or Shipping your RV / camper makes more sense than driving it. International RV Shipping (recreational vehicle transportation) is a big part of our logistics services here at Direct Express.

Direct Express has the ability to offer transport and towing services from any point in the USA to the nearest port of departure. Door pick ups are made by appointment, by fully licensed, bonded and most experienced RV shippers and trailer haulers.

We are also able to provide the pick up and transport of the trailers from the dealership, private home, eBay seller, online auction, storage facility, manufacturer and send to any ocean port overseas via Ro-Ro or container service.